Travel is important because it changes our perspective of how we live our daily lives.

By taking a break, you are unplugging yourself from the pulls and pushes of a routine daily life that is surrounded mostly by technology and what is happening is that you are getting engaged with new activities around in new places. This helps you release the unwanted daily habits. And it is also empowering to surround yourself with new people who don't know you and your interesting history. Travel basically reinforces your willingness to broaden your horizons, and move out freely in new directions.

When it comes to booking your perfect vacation, you cannot compromise on your time and money.

This post highlights, 6 Wrong ways to book your Travel or Adventures and the list goes as:

1.     Cheap Discount Deals:

It is very clear that these deals give in some extra savings that are a benefit to the travelers, so for example if you want to book a Desert Safari adventure which costs around $40 but due to some promotional scheme by the tour operator you get 20 percent discount than you get the same adventure at $32 and $8 is savings which happened due to the discount. The main disadvantage of these discount deals and offers is that tour agents or online deal websites exploit the mentality of customers towards discounts to their advantage. The advantage to tour agents and online deal websites is that they get more numbers of customers, but the fact remains, no online deal website or tour agent is going to reduce the price in a way that they make a loss to themselves. How they manage the cost is, by reducing time duration or even cutting down some activities of the adventure. Hence, what happens is if the customer actually has heard, watched or experienced the same adventure before feels cheated or exploited after purchasing discounted vouchers or offers. And it is fair to say that this is a common practice by online deal websites to attract more customers. So if you are planning to go for an adventure just because you have seen some discounted deals, think twice.

2.     Book and buy airline Tickets:

Airlines that have come up with this cheap airline tickets have increased the number of air traveler and is one of the strong reason why people prefer to travel in airline economy seat instead of Trains first class VIP cabins. And now this option of cheap airline tickets is commonly available among all the airlines.

As I mentioned in my earlier point, reducing cost means reducing the quality of the services. Now first of all these book and buy airline tickets are best when properly planned. You don’t have the opportunity to book these tickets anytime and for anywhere you wish like. And keep in mind this, book and buy tickets do not ensure you with the seat of your choice. The free meal and other extra facilities are also not part of the ticket. The worst happens when you book and buy these tickets is if by any chance your plan of travel needs to be canceled or rescheduled there is no option to do that and not even transfer. It is like once the ticket is booked has to travel on the same exact flight or your money is gone wasted as there is no refund for cancellation also. Thus, one can say that in order to travel using these cheap tickets, one should have a proper planning.

3.     4Days3Nights online packages:

Nowadays travel agencies that sell online and even the big online booking giants flood the market with their services and offers. The most popular is the packaged holidays, which is commonly chosen by families, newly wed couples and pensioners.

To start with, the tour agents that sell these packages have complete control over you, your time is spent how the travel agent wants you to spend. If you are the one that has a pre-designed package travel vacation, you are going to basically spend most of your time in the resort or a hotel complex, and what happens is the most appealing tourist locations that are not part of the package will be missed and go unvisited. It also means that you are stuck with whatever the hotel offers which might be very good or might be not so good. However, the worst thing that might happen when you choose package holiday is that you can be cheated easily by a travel agency. That is when you get to the destination country it may appear that your accommodation have not been paid or the hotel standard is not on the level that you expected or even the adventure tours you booked did not give you the experience you were looking for.

4.     Last Minute Bookings:

Traveling has never been more affordable thanks to last minute travel. Many airlines, hotels and travel agents offer major discounts on last minute reservations because it is better for them to earn at least something instead of nothing.

Yes, it is a gain when it comes to financial benefits, but on the other hand, last minute arrangements go hand in hand with uncertainty and require lots of flexibility and at least some adventurous spirit. In contrary to the traditional way of traveling, you often do not know where you are going to end up if making last minute reservations. You can be completely satisfied and have the best vacation ever but you might be also very disappointed with the deal. Last minute travel can be stressful for some people and may not be the best idea if you are not willing to take any chances when it comes to quality and standards of your vacation. Last minute travel booking is very popular but it may not be the best choice if you are considering it for financial benefits alone. Traveling should be fun not stressful. If you are not sure whether you are the “type” for last minute travel you should perhaps consider other ways to reduce the costs for traveling. With last minute booking, it is not always the case that you are going to save money, you might end up paying double the amount just to get that last seat left.

For those who like doing things their way, and would not want to compromise on their holiday vacation, planning ahead would be the best choice for the best possible selection for a perfect vacation.

5.     Booking lowest price hotels on the outskirts of the city:

It is OK to book low priced hotels that match your budget, but what you should also take note of is that before making the booking you should figure out the distance between the places you want to visit. A majority of the times, in such cases travelers end up paying a lot of money commuting from one location to another. You not only waste money this way, in big cities, there is a chance you will spend a lot of time on the road stuck in traffic, instead of enjoying the adventure you are heading too. 

6.     Booking with Freelancers:

These are the people that are nice and friendly with the travelers in such a way, with gaining trust of the traveler that they make their way direct with travelers and take bookings without thinking of the capacity or strength to handle it and the customers are exposed to no safety, no security, no authenticity of service and worst of all these people may not be insured also. It is true that you as a customer is paying way too less in comparison to a travel agent or a tour operator, but you have to keep in mind the quality, safety, insurance and authenticity of the service that you are booking. Freelancers, since they have no strings attached with legal companies, normally tend to take all the bookings coming their way and in the end, they will take the guests that paid the highest amount for the service and leave the rest of the guests without notifying them and what happens is that the traveler is affected with time loss that cannot be reversed. I would say a BIG NONO to freelancers.

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