Traveling is sometimes miss understood in a way that it is not. It’s true that travelers have a lot of crazy stories to tell when they’re back from that trip across Asia, Middle East or even around the world, but the difficulty and not-so-glamorous side of travel is a reality that hardly gets spoken about..

Here are 8 things on the other side of that perfect travel holiday.

1.     Travel does not let you escape responsibility:

Somehow no matter how far you go, your responsibilities are yours and it will be on your shoulders anywhere you go - and no world tour is going to let you shake or forget them. Whatever you’re trying to avoid or pushing it towards the back of your head will be waiting for you when you return - and or worse may even pop up along the way while you are traveling. Solve problems at home before setting off on your trip. You will enjoy a more positive travel experience.

2.     It’s not one big party:

Being on a travel holiday is meant to be enjoying the world around you. But remember this, when staying in a hotel away from hometown, being on a limited budget, you have to plan and be careful with spending on expenses for the entire holiday. With limited budgets, you cannot party every night with new friends you make. Those glamorous TV stories of vacation parties and drinking is only true with few groups of people, not a common practice.

3.     Travel moments are not always glamorous like the pictures:

You’ll look pretty messed up! Not all will happen as planned, you might end up missing a flight, a bus, a train, or simply the weather is not good and you cannot move. Things happen all the time and it will keep happening. But you have to remember one thing and move on ahead, if you take all this experience as knowledge and part of the adventure fun and you will enjoy it all.

4.     You don’t always have company:

If you are the one that likes to travel alone, then you should know this, there will be times you will feel lonely. Making new friends in new countries is wonderful, but not all of these new friends will have the same amount of free time to give you the company.

5.     Falling sick on the road can be a real pain:

To fall sick Water change, Weather change, Food Change consider all of these aspects for real, that can keep you sick in bed for long time.

6.     You don’t always love the food:

Trying different nationality cuisine is nice in your home town. Where if you don’t like some food, you can always go back to your regular. While on the journey, you have very few options of eating food, according to your taste. Sometimes you just have to eat a little to serve the body purpose. The nice looking meal photos on the internet, magazines, or blogs, does not always look the same in real, maybe it's not for your taste buds, or simply when you reach there you get to know it’s far too expensive. 

7.     You always need travel insurance:

This one is most important part of planning for a holiday. No one should consider this as not important. Insurance helps us in many ways. We have all lost things before and will keep losing again also. Your camera, phone, baggage, any kind of accident can take place, insurance is a way to stay covered and have to face no disappointments of monetary loss.

8.     Hardly anyone really wants to hear your stories when you’re back:

You have come back from a nice adventurous holiday with a lot to share with friends and family. Since you are the storyteller now, people will listen to you for once or twice, further no one will have an interest in your stories. The basic fact is that you have seen things, but to others, they cannot relate much.

I will end this post with a quote by “Jack Kerovac”:

                                                          “Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless and Never be sorry”

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