Hello folks…. Now this post is my personal experience… Whether you're hitting the open road or heading to the airport, travel can become more complicated when you are carrying along the extra stuff that you could have left behind.

Your bag will always carry stuff, which may not be necessary worth for the extra weight on your shoulders. The moment I have to start packing again by the end of vacation at the hotel room, with all the added shopping done, I always end up leaving behind some stuff that I carried along in the first place, when leaving home. With all the exiting experience and refreshing moments, and at this point leaving things behind simply makes me sad..

Here are few tips, which may help you to carry less and enjoy the moment with less weight.

  1. Basic Rule of travelling: Take half of the clothes you were planning to bring and twice the money. The amount of clothes you think you need, you won’t wear them all, so why take it in the first place.
  2. Mix and match. Bring three shirts and three “bottoms.” If you mix and match that’s 9 outfits.
  3. Take only what you can fit in a carry-on bag. We’ve all lost luggage before, and it’s a pain.
  4. Books are cool to read. So are the old school music cassette records to listen. But save yourself the extra pounds and carry along some country/city guide maps and make use of them and stick to your iPod.
  5. If you’re the type who has to travel with your own hair dryer (and won’t use the hotel’s), then I suggest you take a weekend to the local smokey club bar over the Alps.
  6. Jackets and sweaters take up a lot of precious bag space and weigh you down. Unless you’re going to Russia in winter, layers work just as well enough.
  7. If it’s important, but cannot fit into your bag pack, leave it at home. Stuff gets stolen no matter where you go. As big as a pain it is, it looks ridiculous also. anywhere I go, I am always with my computer, camera on my back, it’s the extra weight I have to carry on me, all the way until I reach home.
  8. Surprisingly every country I’ve ever visited sells soap. And Tooth paste. And shampoo. And socks also. What you forget or what you need you can buy, there is no reason to carry these things along to every place you visit.
  9. Camera Bags/Carry Case. Cameras with bags should disappear now. Unless you are a professional photographer and taking real photos is your Job, you don’t need them. Smart phones now have the best cameras. I know it’s exciting to buy one of these big cameras, but when on travel you will lose or forget them, when you are two bottles down. 
  10. Don’t bother yourself with different types of Expensive Travel Towels, you will always get them in the places you stay and of course cheap small light ones just do the job fine.
  11. Matching Shoes, this one is just a waste of extra weight carrying along on your shoulders.. You will not use all of them, why to carry them then. I understand, if you are having some business meetings or some weddings part of your holiday plan, other than that it’s a No, one shoe can suit all..

I will end this post with a quote by “Wally Amos”:

                                         “Life truly is a Journey, and the less baggage we carry the easier the Ride”

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Keeping peace, until next time I write to you again and Thank you for reading my previous post on the “14 BASIC THINGS YOU SHOULD DO BEFORE LEAVING HOME FOR AIRPORT” and liking it. :-)