Why Am I Doing This?

You as a traveler will always wonder about, how you can make it to that perfect travel destination where you simply add more to your travel list or strike off from your wish list and simply feel happy “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”. Now if you are feeling happy, when you returned back from your vacation, it is pretty obvious that all went well while you were travelling and now you have stories to tell.

But what happens, when you categorized your vacation as the worst experience you ever had. Now by worst experience we don’t mean the place was a disaster, what actually might have happened the reason for your disappointment could have been avoided by simply doing a bit of more research.

Looking at people and their disappointments raised a question “why should anyone feel like this and how can we change this?”

What do we want? We want to solve this problem, we want people to be as excited returning from a vacation as they were initially excited leaving for a vacation. We want people to simply feel “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”.

After a lot of Mind Bangs and AAARGH!! Moments “Probe Idea” came into existence.

What is Probe Idea?

If we may use simple words to describe Probe Idea, It is your travel guide that makes you aware of all you need to know about a destination you choose to travel.

Now a bit of travel industry terminology, Probe Idea an Online Travel Portal designed in bringing destinations local travel agents more closer to you, that will make travelling easy and memorable. A self-select holiday travel itinerary that allows you to pick and book day tours and holiday packages that is your dream to experience directly from the destination’s local travel agents.

Probe Idea does not end with only knowing and choosing travel, it extends its abilities to allow you to share your experiences by writing your stories into the Blogs sections or simply uploading your best videos memories into the Vlogs section and be connected with the world of travelers. The feeling of “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”, when travelers ask for opinions on your Vlogs or Blogs and you answer back as a travel expert in helping others to plan their memorable vacation.

How Does Probe Idea Help People?

We are simple by nature and would like to keep your experience simple and easy, no rocket science used. Probe Idea is a simple travel language that makes it more exciting as you go through the process of choosing the perfect destination for your next travel.

All you need to remember is, when you choose to look through Probe Idea you are called a “Prober” (which means Explorer) and when you find all the information you need, you simply start communicating with the registered travel agents by logging in to your account “Prober Login” and book your first “Travel Booking” itinerary best selected by you be it a day tour or a complete multi day holiday package. Once you have booked a day tour or a holiday package, all you need to do is wait and see how the registered travel agents respond back to you that are eager to make your experience a memorable. On the other hand if you are the traveler that would like to initiate the conversation with the travel agent, you have all the information how to contact the agent and get a confirmation immediately.

You are the sole decision maker of how you want to spend your vacation. It is your vacation and you want the best. You know what you want to do and how much you want to spend. Probe Idea gives you the freedom to add, amend and choose an itinerary that best fits into your imagination.

Who Are We?

Aha moment…We are called by name Probe Idea, travel expert with IT knowledge and is set out to facilitate in adding value to travel individuals and mark an existence internationally.  Now this may sound personal, what matters at the most is how to add value to travellers and when traveller leaves back towards home from a vacation, the feeling is “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”. How are we doing this, “Probe Idea is the solution to all”.

Probe Idea is a focus and an idea that revolves around:


Connecting travelers. Connecting ideas. Connecting destinations.


Bringing the world more closer.

Now since you have come this long reading about me, allow me to share how Probe Idea is available to give you the best.

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